Is Your Well Pump Acting Up?

Pump Repair Service Tips

First, make sure to check to see if the power is on

We, at Doug Adams Well Drilling & Pump Repair, have lost count how many call outs we have had to perform

pump service repair

, only to find the power is not switched on. Also, you will need to check the well’s double-pole circuit breaker to see if that has been tripped by accident. Should this be the case, simply reset it. However, a breaker which continuously trips means there is a problem with the

well pump, this means you will need to call a pro in for.

Checking your pressure switch

You’ll find this switch mounted on a tube close to the pressure tank. This is what senses the water pressure has dropped to the point where the tank needs to fill up with more water. The switch will in turn power the

well pump up. Should this switch be faulty, it will not be able to start the pump, which means no water for you. So testing it will be your first step. Take off the cover and bang a screwdriver hard against the tube just below the switch enough to jar the electrical contacts. Should you see a spark and your pump starts, then your problem is the pressure switch. To replace this costs approximately $25. but, when there is no spark, you will need to replace the controller.

When the switch is faulty, replace it

Should you find your pressure switch is faulty, test your pressure tank to make sure it has not

been waterlogged. To replace a switch, remove the wires on the old switch, and remember to label them, and unscrew the switch. Coat all the tubing threads with pipe dope and screw the new switch on so it is in the same place as the old one, and simply reconnect the wires.

Temporary fix

When banging on the tube makes the pressure switch turn on the pump, it usually means the contact surfaces are pitted or burned, which is causing a bad connection. You can temporarily restore these until you buy a replacement switch. If you are a resident of the North Canton, OH area and need a professional

pump repair service

. Then you need to call us today at (330) 499-0575.