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Doug Adams Well Drilling & Pump Repair‘s water well drilling service is one of the most requested in North Canton, OH and surrounding areas! There are many reasons for that, but one, in particular, is the fact that we’ve spent quite some time honing any technique we’ve come across so we can be perfect at each one! All of our services listed below are something you can request from us!

Our Services

Pump Maintenance

Pump Maintenance

Unlike in the old days when water was drawn up with buckets, now some devices do that for you, and they are called pumps. A pump defies gravity and brings water upwards to enable you to use the water for whatever you wish, and you won’t have to strain yourself in the process. And we can offer quality maintenance for your pumps so they can function properly!

Pump Repair

Pump Repair

Part of the maintenance for water pumps is repairing any issue that might come up. For that, you can take full advantage of our pump repair service to save you lots of stress and time. Why try to figure out what’s wrong with your pump when you can let professionals do their inspection and fix whatever is impeding your pump’s work!

Well Drilling

Well Drilling

To have a well serve you, you first need to drill the hole for it. It involves measurements and knowledge of the soil and the ground in that area. You would have to know exactly how wide and deep to drill the hole for the perfect well. And lucky for you, our team has all the needed knowledge to do that perfectly!

Well Design

Well Design

It is probably the most fun part of the entire process of obtaining a well. And this part will include you, our customer, in a big way. We want to design the well of your wishes – one that you saw in a picture book or laid eyes upon on the Internet. Share what you envision, color, shape, size, and all else, and you will get just that from us!

Well Installation

Well Installation

After drilling the hole and designing your well, it’s time to put it into the ground. That takes special equipment and a whole lot of strength, and if you’ve used our experienced task force for everything else, it’s only logical to let us complete the last step for you as well! Once the installation is complete, you can enjoy a beautiful working well!

Impeccable Well Servicing

Some wells beautify properties, and like any other feature, they need to be installed properly and maintained, and that is a lot of work for one person to take on, especially since there are a lot more things going on in your life. With the perfect well drilling contractor, you won’t have to worry about a single thing because we will manage the entire process – from digging the hole for the well to maintaining it in the future.

 Well Drilling Service

How May We Help

Using our services will save you so much precious time! We know how busy people are, and as beautiful as it is to have a well in your yard, you can feel consumed with managing the project. That’s why we want to offer up our water well drilling, so you won’t have to get dirty and tired out trying to create the hole. Allow us to take care of the tedious task so you can enjoy the gorgeous finished product!

The Areas We Serve

When a company sees its business is growing and many clients are requesting their services, the only decision is to expand the business. That’s what our thought was, so we decided to share our knowledge with a few more customers!

– Meyers Lake, OH
– Greentown, OH
– Canal Fulton, OH
– Uniontown, OH
– Hartville, OH

Call¬†Doug Adams Well Drilling & Pump Repair if you live in North Canton, OH and any of the other areas in the list, and allow our experts to provide you with the perfect well drilling service! If you’ve always wanted a lovely well in your yard to enhance the feel of the property, then let us make that possible with our expertise and professionalism!¬†

Client’s Testimonial

The Water Well Drilling Service My Property Needed!

I've been wanting a well in my backyard for a very long time, but I never had the knowledge or skill to install one. Neither the tools to create to hole for it. But then I called this company and got the perfect water well drilling service! These guys knew exactly how deep and how wide the hole should be to sustain a gorgeous well! I was extremely happy with their work!

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