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Everything You Need to Know About Wells (Part 2)

A Reputable Water Well Drilling Company Talks About Water Well Maintenance

Last time, we spoke about the importance of choosing the right contractor for your water well drilling project. Today, we will talk about different types of well installation techniques, and will give you a few well maintenance tips.

Water Well Drilling ServiceThe Difference Between a Bored Well and a Drilled Well.
Bored wells are larger in diameter (24 to 36 inches), and they pull heavily on the water table. Drilled wells, on the other hand, are smaller (5 to 10 inches in diameter), and they are sealed against surface water. We can say that drilled wells are better, safer and more healthier than bored ones. We highly recommend you choose the drilling technique rather than the boring method.

Annual Well Maintenance
There are two things every well owner should do. First, collect a water sample, and send it to the State Lab for testing. This way, you’ll know that the water you and your family are using is safe and sanitary. Second, is to inspect the water system, and make sure everything is well maintained.

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